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Know the Signs is a statewide suicide prevention social marketing campaign with the goal to prepare more Californians to prevent suicide by encouraging them to know the warnings signs for suicide, find the words to offer help to someone they care about and reach out to local resources.  The campaign further aims to increase awareness among the news media about how to safely report on suicide and provide communities’ with tools to advocate with their local media. The campaign website is:

We are going to be adding resources on an ongoing basis.

All of the campaign materials can be downloaded and distributed in California free of charge for the duration of the campaign, however use restrictions apply to some of the materials .  In these instances a license agreement needs to be signed to acknowledge understanding of these restrictions.   

To get started, choose “all” or a category in the left border to view available materials.  The materials are in print/production ready format, and many can also be customized with your local crisis number or website.

The prevention and early intervention materials on this website were funded by California counties through the Mental Health Services Act. CalMHSA encourages the use of materials contained herein, as they are explained in our licensing agreements. To view the agreements, please visit: